Naskah Pidato B.English Tentang Perpisahan Sekolah

Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen

First of all let us praise praise the presence of God the Almighty because on a clear day we can all gather to celebrate “High School Graduation and Student Farewell PGRI 3 UBUD Force 2008-2009.”

Secondly, thanks to the committee which has allowed me to stand here this bid farewell in front of the audience as well.

Third .. congratulations to all of us! We managed to graduate eventually .. Praise God .. Today a full day exam is very stressful now ended already .. We graduated! We’re not a kid anymore! We will leave this school .. and said goodbye ..

Farewell .. Each have a meeting there must be separation. Most of us would meet and new best friends at school here. Or maybe some that have been friends since junior high school, since elementary school, or even since I was a toddler. How good if the friendship we have for three years interlace this can last forever. As if not deterred by anything.

But we can not deny that along sengan goes our lives, along with the arrival of the new things like college, ngekos, work, marry, and also in line with the arrival of new people, new friends, new boy, new girl, separation is a normal occur.

Perhaps there are among us who feel passionate about having a farewell because he was waiting for new stuff that looks more fun than the things in here that is very boring. But maybe on different sides, there is feeling very sad because it has experienced a lot of fun things here and how many memories that have been created ..

Memories .. Friend of a friend whom I love, before we belatedly realized that time can not be played again and before we are sorry for having wasted our high school years without experiencing any thing valuable. So make as much memory! Do what you want to do. Say what you want to say. Tell the teacher that was too rigid in their teaching to be more relaxed. And say to the noisy girl-girl feel pretty and popular self-tuh if the brain is more important than appearance! Say to the guy cupu in schools to be more confident. Say to the person you love that you really love him! It’s NOW or NEVER, friends! Come On! As time goes by, Memory Remains. Over time, the only one who left memories ..

Last .. I quote from the film First Love played by Bunga Citra Lestari and Benjamin Joshua that there was no meeting of the eternal. But I believe, like meetings, there is also no separation of the eternal! Do not forget every precious thing we have experienced during the school three years here. Keep the memories in the hearts of all

Bye! Congratulations for being non-high school kids anymore. Take care of yourself you are attending college away from parents.

I apologize if there are errors in the delivery of this speech

Thank you very much


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